Miracles Experienced By Salaf-E-Saliheen (Part: 1)

The following narrations were collected by ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam in the second chapter of his book, “Ayat ar-Rahman fi Jihad al-Afghan”
[pg: 82-94 of the second edition]

1> Abu Bakr As-Siddique (Raz):

‘A’ishah narrated: “When he was on his deathbed, my father said to me: “Verily, you have two brothers and two sisters.” So, I became startled at this, as I only had two brothers and one sister. He referred to his then-pregnant wife, Bint Kharijah, saying: “I see that she is pregnant with a girl,” and that turned out to be exactly the case.”

[Reported by ash-Shatibi in ‘al-Muwafaqat’ (4/85), and Ibn Taymiyyah mentioned it in ‘Majmu’ al-Fatawa’ (11/318)]

2> Abu Qurfasah (Raz):

“The Romans imprisoned a son of the Companion, Abu Qurfasah. So, whenever it was time for prayer, Abu Qurfasah would climb the wall of ‘Asqalan (in Syria) and call out: “O, son! It is time to pray!” And, his son would hear him all the way from the land of the Romans.”

[‘Majma’ az-Zawa’id’ (9/396), and it is authentic]

3> Abdullah Bin ‘Abbas (Rz):

“Ibn ‘Abbas died in at-Ta’if, and a bird, the likes of which had never been seen before, was seen at his funeral. The bird entered the hole in the ground where Ibn ‘Abbas was to be buried. So, we looked and waited to see if it would come out, and it didn’t. When his body was finally placed in the ground, we could hear the verse {“O, the one in rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased and well-pleasing!”} [al-Fajr; 27-8] being recited from the edge of his grave, but we were unable to find out who had recited it.”

[Reported by al-Hakim in ‘al-Mustadrak’ (3/543), and it is authentic]

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Imaam Shafii Rahimahullah Ka Kashaf

Imaam Shafii (Rahimahullah) Aur Kashaf:
(Koi Bhi Ghair Muqallid Isse Ilm-E-Ghaib Na Samjhe)

Hazrat Rabii Rh. Farmaate hai ke :
Mai (Rabii Rh.) Muzani Rh,aur Buwaiti Rh. Imam Shafaii Rh. ki Khidmat me Haazir the.Aap Rh. ne Hamaari Taraf Nigaah ki aur Mujhse Farmaaya: Tum Hadees Shareef ki Khidmat karte huwe is Dunya se Rukhsat Hojaoge…

Mazni Rh. ki taraf dekh-kar farmaaya: Agar Shaitaan unse munaazera kare toh yeh iska La-jawaab kardenge aur uspar ghaalib
aajayenga. Uske baad Buwaiti Rh. (ko Dekh-kar) Farmaaya: Lohe (IRON) me Tumaara Inteqaal hoga…

Rabii Rh. Farmaate hai ke Buwaiti Rh. Jab Qaid bandi ke daur se guzar rahe the, main unke paas gaya toh maine
dekha ke wo bediyo me jakde huwe hain..

[Manaaqib ush Shafaiii Lil Behaiqi: Jild 2, safa 136]

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